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Tree & Shrub Health

Picking a tree company to care for your trees is as important as picking the house that you will make your home.  The trees and landscaping around your home or business are the first things seen entering your property.  Shouldn’t you be sure that these areas are not neglected?

Since 1928, the name Durdel has meant quality care for your trees and landscape.  

Fertilization:  One of several tree care techniques, as important as any, is fertilization.  Fertilization improves plant vigor, makes leaves grow darker and larger and makes trees less susceptible to certain diseases and pests.  Trees growing in the forest need no attention or care.  The same tree or shrub planted around houses, garages, sidewalks and driveways will cause restrictions of the root system.  This action has a very serious effect on trees since the root system needs all the nutrients available to it.  Even though these restrictions are a necessity for all of us, we can keep these trees thriving with a fertilization program.  Even though Mother Nature can produce natural organic fertilizers to keep the trees in the forest alive, other trees with these restrictions need help to stay healthy!

The first and most important step in proper maintenance and care of your tree is proper diagnosis.  Let us come out and give a free, no obligation evaluation of your trees and shrubs.  Your trees could have problems that are overlooked.  Let us correct these problems if necessary before it’s too late.  The health and appearance of your trees and shrubs reflects greatly on the value and appearance of your home or business!